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Other Men Need Help is a bi-weekly podcast about the emblems, habits, and struts in the male performance.

In each episode, Mark Pagán dissects the ways OTHER MEN avoid accountability, cling to power, mask insecurities, and quietly scream for connection. Other Men Need Help shares these personal tales using a  playful format of documentary, essay, and archive-based storytelling.

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Join us on Patreon! As an independent series, we need to draw on our community to support these timely conversations, delivered with the levity you've grown to love.*

And that's where you come in. As we start production on Season 3, we're looking to rally our supporters to help the show travel to new cities, embed on more complex stories, and create more original songs. So take a look at our perks, including exclusive content, swag, and even personalized advice from the lead Other Man, Mark, and consider becoming our patron!

*Or we hope you've grown to love it. Maybe you just tolerate it. Remember that insecurity thing? Oh BOY is that real!



a breath of fresh air.
— Los Angeles Review of Books

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